Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   What type services do you offer?
Answer:      The Area Cremation Group offers a low cost direct cremation service.

Question:   What are the pre-planning costs?
Answer:       The member price for professional services through our provider funeral home is $745. This price does not include cash advance items or other selections made by the purchaser.

Question:   Do you save $$$$ by pre-planning?
Answer:      Yes, in addition you save over time on inflation. Once your arrangements are either paid in full or paid using one of our payment plans, the professional service charges remain the same.

Question:   Can you give me an example?
Answer:      Yes. The professional services of our provider funeral home for Direct Cremation today could cost three or four thousand dollars in ten to fifteen years, however, your cost at that time would be the $745 you pay today. That is what we mean by locking in today’s prices.

Question:  Why do you offer cremation at this low member price?
Answer:     We want to offer surrounding communities a simple cremation at a reasonable price. In addition we have the ability to assure you that your loved one never leaves the protection of our care.

Question:   What can I do if I am already a member of another society?
Answer:      We will transfer your membership to the Area Cremation Group at no charge.

Question:   I have already paid for my cremation. What are my options?
Answer:      We will help you transfer your paid up cremation to the Area Cremation Group.