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The goods and services shown are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead.  If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.


Services provided by a licensed funeral home.


Serving families by appointment
M-F from 8am to 3pm; 
excluding holidays

Professional Services*$345.00
Alternative Container$125.00
Crematory Fee$275.00

Sub Total


Burial Transit Permit$3.00
Ohio Sales Tax$8.44



(due at time of arrangements)

*Professional Services
Removal of deceased within a 20 mile radius, transportation of deceased to and from crematory, processing of necessary documents (death certificate, cremation documents, cremation transit permit), release of cremated remains no earlier than seven (7) business days of receiving a signed death certificate and cremation documents

Service Option - $756.44
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